Honey Caramels | Sea Salt | Dark Chocolate

Delectable deep amber Honey Caramels made with fresh cream and pure butter are enrobed in MALVA Chocolate Stone Ground Full Bean Dark Chocolate 70% cacao, sprinkled with a shimmering of flaky Malborough sea salt.

Each bite encapsulates lush botanicals of local bush honey that coalesce with fruity and lively chocolate, balanced with a zing of salt, creating a joyful sensory encounter. Made in micro-batches in a planet-friendly way.

Honey Caramels come packaged in a compostable, plastic-free box.

Nine pieces per box. e 135g

Made with mostly organic, ethically sourced, direct trade, natural ingredients.
Honey Caramel (organic raw cane sugar*, fresh cream, naturally organic bush honey (20%), pure butter).

Stone Ground Dark Chocolate 70% Cacao (naturally organic cacao beans, organic cacao butter), organic raw cane sugar*.

Sea salt*

*Organic certified

Consciously absent colourants, fillers, glucose syrup, preservatives, stabilisers. Gluten, soy and palm oil free. Store cool (15-18°C), dry and away from sunlight.

Contains: Honey, Milk.

GOLD Medal, New Zealand Chocolate Awards 2022.


In stock (can be backordered)

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