Bean to Bar | 70% Cacao | Stone Ground Full Bean Chocolate

This full bean chocolate started life as naturally shade grown, organically farmed cacao beans from six villages on Guadalcanal which are centrally fermented, sun-dried, gently roasted and prepared into cacao nibs for MALVA Chocolate by the women of the Solomon Islands. Then in the coastal village of Ōākura, Taranaki these cacao nibs are stone ground in micro batches, with organic golden raw cane sugar, to make a smooth, floral, fruity, and lively chocolate. The flavour profile will modify as the season and the cacao beans change.

Hand-wrapped in kraft paper inner and printed paper outer sleeve. Plastic free.

bar. e 90g

Made with ethically sourced, naturally organically grown cacao, direct trade natural ingredients.

Organic Ingredients:
Stone Ground Full Bean Chocolate 70% cacao (naturally organic cacao beans, organic cacao butter*), organic raw cane sugar*
*Organic certified

Consciously absent colourants, fillers, preservatives, stabilisers.
Gluten, soy, palm oil free.



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